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You might not be growing on social media because you are in the ‘victim’ state

Victim state is when we think that life is happening to us, not for us. When we are in the victim state, we are placing the responsibilities on the world, rather than on us.

And in personal brand building space it looks like:

  • waiting for your clients to find you and blaming the algorithm that they don’t
  • feeling like someone in your industry knows less yet they have more clients / money / followers
  • posting 1 x reel a year and getting upset that your account doesn’t grow and didn’t reach 1M yet
  • getting upset at your followers for not buying from you

And yes, this is where all the gossip on Instagram about shadow bans, magic numbers that you need to post your reel to go viral, and secret hashtags strategy, that all come from the same state.​

Because it is easier to blame external outside-of-our-control factors rather than take control of our own success and revenue.

Does this sound familiar?

  • you are posting random reels because you saw someone else post them
  • you are showing up on stories but feel like nobody replies or engages
  • you feel like your content is all over the placeIt’s very easy to feel hopeless, small, abundant and like you are doing all the work but nobody actually appreciates it.

Simply put it, you do not feel in control. And the biggest reason why you don’t feel in control is because you don’t have a strategy.

When you have strategy, you know WHY you are doing every single thing – every post, every story, every reel, every sale. And even if your Instagram reels views are down, stories reach are down and you don’t have a constant influx of new followers = that all doesn’t matter to you because you know your why.

And the beautiful thing is that we can all have our own strategy – the one that aligns with you, your goals and your visions. What you need to do here is to figure out why you do what you do – what is the bigger reason behind your posts? Why do you want to show up on social media? Why do you want to build a personal brand? Why do you want to be visible?

For some people, it will be about making money, selling their services, serving people with their skills, creating a business. For others, they will be driven by the desire to have fame, to be popular and have a large size community. Or literally anything else in between! There is no right or wrong reasons behind the drive – as long as you understand your WHY you are good to do.

And why your motivation is clear, I want you to ask yourself how you will get to that goal. If you want to become famous on Instagram, what are the small actionable steps that you can take right now to get closer to that goal?

Align on your why and get clear on the how. And this way, you won’t be shaken by any Instagram metrics going up and down – you will only be moving forward!

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