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When you are just starting to think about taking your Instagram seriously and joining the realm of influencers, content creators or entrepreneurs (first of all, congratulations!), the very and – and absolutely natural thing that you will start thinking about is “well, what my niche should be about?”

And I am so glad that you asked!

The very first thing that I need you to understand here is that there is no right or wrong answer. There is no Instagram coach, a friend, a parent, a partner, a mentor or anyone else you can get advice from that will tell you that you should 100% focus on one thing over the other or that one interest of yours is more Instagram-worthy than the other one. Choosing your own niche comes down to your preferences, your passions, your interests, your experiences and everything else that makes you your unique self.

Second, when choosing your niche, keep in mind that you are not married to one niche. You can easily change your niche if you decide that you want to focus on something completely different. When I started actively posting on Instagram in the spring of 2022, I was posting more about influencer marketing, specifically how to become an influencer marketer, how and why to work with influencers and how to balance a 9-5 and your side hustle. And then over time, it evolved into personal branding coaching. 

Your niche can change and evolve with you. What you are doing on your Instagram today probably won’t be the same thing you will do on your Instagram in a year, or maybe even in 6 months (or even next week!) and that’s completely normal.

So please, let go of this expectation that you need to have everything figured out right away and have all the answers to it this exact moment. Where is the fun in that?!

It’s okay if you will get your niche wrong on the first try. I absolutely did that with my own Instagram and I even launched an online course within that wrong niche that cost me over $15,000. I failed, I learnt from my mistakes and I moved on.

We need to be open to failures so we know what doesn’t work for us – this way, we get closer to what actually works for us. How damn beautiful!

And the best way to figure out how to find that *one perfect niche that will bring you all the money, all the fame, all the followers, all the community* you need to post shit tons of content. The only way to find what niche truly works, and do that faster, is to start posting consistently.

So the question of “How do you find your niche” (which is the answer would be you just post shit tons of content to) then turns into “What do I post?” and I am so glad that you asked.

The first thing that I want you to think about, even before we work with all this content and Instagram stuff is what you want to get out of it. What is your goal here? Why do you want to build your personal brand? Is this to get more clients for your business? Or maybe to become an influencer? Or do you want to work with brands? Get aligned on your goals and motivations first before you jump into action.

The second thing we want to do here is go through our entire list of interests, passions, achievements, skills, life story – anything that makes you, you.

In IG Wealth Academy, my personal branding course, I’ve outlined the entire strategy to help you unpack your brand along with the bonus webinar about building your niche and the personal brand 101 workbook that outlines a step-by-step methodology to creating your brand (and yes, those are the exact steps I used to build my own brand).

After you go over all your skills, interests and passions, you need to outline what realistically you want to post about – and don’t pick more than 5 things otherwise you will easily get overwhelmed. Choose 2-3 topics you feel confident in that you can talk about.

For example, you are a makeup artist and in your 3 topics, you decided to choose 1) makeup 2) skincare and 3) entrepreneurship 

Then, under each topic, you write down all the ideas that you can post about.

For example, under makeup it can be:

  • showing the process of you working with clients 
  • providing makeup tips
  • reviewing any makeup products
  • any makeup-related trends

This would be our first bucket that allows our potential clients to see our work, decide what they like for themselves and also be able to save the content that they like.

Our second bucket is skincare. Let’s say that as a makeup artist, you believe that the foundation of great makeup is a great skincare routine.

In the skincare bucket, you share:

  • Sephora products review
  • morning skincare routine for dry skin
  • how to layer your skincare like a pro 
  • what is your skincare routine like 

The goal here is community building where we want people to come to our page, watch content, save it, and share it. And maybe later you want to sell some kind of skincare guide and that would be a great foundation for that as well.

And the third bucket we want to focus on is entrepreneurship. Here you talk about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, how you got started with the makeup business or anything of that nature. This bucket can be helpful if, for example, down the road you want to have your coaching business for beginner makeup artists to help them be successful in the industry.

The next step is that you review all of your content ideas that you have outlined for each bucket and you start posting content. That’s it. How freaking beautiful it is! 🙂

Remember, it is always super scary when you are just getting started with something new. It is okay to be scared when we are about to turn a corner for a new adventure. Our brain has no proof that this adventure will turn out successfully because we haven’t done that before. And our brain doesn’t want us to be successful, wealthy, famous – it wants us to be safe.

The hardest part in building your personal brand is getting started.

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