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I highly recommend Daria for all the things related to business, social media and personal branding. I went from having absolutely no idea to gaining so much clarity, reaching goals & being excited when I used to be confused

In February 2022, I found myself at a pivotal juncture. After six months of advocacy within my full-time role, I successfully secured a $10,000 increase in my annual salary from the leadership team. However, the excitement of this accomplishment waned as the additional income amounted to less than $200 per paycheque.

It hit me hard—I needed a change. I already knew what it was, deep down: starting my own coaching biz. But oh my, fear had a tight grip on me.

During our routine weekly date night, I confided in my husband, expressing deep-seated concerns about potential failure and the challenges of securing clients. It was then that he posed a simple yet transformative question: "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?"

I knew the answer right away. The next day, I registered my self-employment business and never looked back.

what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

my husband asked me one question

How it all began

As of October 2023, I am officially a Canadian citizen (eh?)

Officially Canadian

My husband and I just celebrated 8 years together + 2 years married by going glamping on Sunshine Coast


This year, I went to Dubai (twice!), Seoul, Phuket and Los Angeles. Luckily, I don't have a two weeks vacation policy here :)

2023 = year of travels

My hubby and I are getting ready for our first European trip together this spring - and I am so excited! We, of course, will spend most of the time attending soccer games because he is such a huge soccer lover but OH WELL I guess I will have to endure lol

London trip in Spring 2024

current behind the screens

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