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In June 2023, I launched my first IG Wealth cohort (known as Group Coaching back then!) and the very first person who joined was Anastasia @anastasiatkphotography

Before the program:

  • She is a full-time self-employed family photographer
  • She is burnt out and exhausted, to the point where doing her favourite thing in the world (photography!) doesn’t bring her joy anymore
  • The only way she sees how to increase her income is to work more, which she physically can’t do anymore
  • The clients who want to work with her always ask for a discounted price and don’t value the work that she does for them

After the program:

  • She doubled her prices
  • She had to create a waitlist three months in advance as she was SOLD OUT
  • She works with value-aligned clients who book her services on the first go at a full-price
  • Oh god, how much does she love doing what she does

The biggest change that happened during the 12 weeks program is her shift in the value that she was bringing to the table. Photographers, as well as any other service providers, tend to often undervalue themselves and the amount of work and resources that go into their service. And when they undervalue their work, they attract clients that do just the same.

Instead, we shifted the focus from “you will pay me $200 and I will give you 20 photos in return” to the real value behind those photos.

She didn’t just get the family 20 photos – she captured this family in this exact moment that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. She gifted them a memory, an opportunity to look back at this specific time and be grateful for what they have.

We also changed the narrative of how she was promoting her services. Instead of focusing on the features of each photoshoot (a 60-minute session with 25 photos back), we focused on building an emotional connection between her and her community. This way, her potential clients just wanted an opportunity to be photographed by her. And not because of her understanding of lenses, editing or lighting but because how she can tell the story behind each family and capture them as they are.

(And the majority of the photos that you see on my site and social are captured by Anastasia, so I am 100% behind on that!)

And the final thing that we focused on was building her own personal brand on her social media channels rooted in her own values – family, relationships and overall well-being.

When we are clear and honest about our own values and beliefs and when we don’t hesitate to communicate them on social, we attract the most incredible people and opportunities into our business.

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